Final Draft exports preformatted HTML, which is bad, and terrible on mobile devices. Read more.

LastDraft is a free tool which solves this problem. It turns your scripts into responsive HTML, which works great on all screen sizes. If you don't use Final Draft, any other screenwriting software that can export .fdx files should work fine too.

Your script isn't stored or sent to any third parties. Let me know if you see any bugs or room for improvement.

  1. Upload your Final Draft (.fdx) file:
  2. Convert it to HTML
Example script
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INT. The Internet, 2019
Final Draft is a popular screenwriting tool. The app does support exporting to HTML, but it does so using 'preformatted' text, meaning line breaks and spacing are hard-coded.
For example, a character name might be centered using four tabs to indent it, rather than actually being place in the center of the screen. This means that when placed on a web page, the script never quite fits correctly. On small screens it usually means a lot of scrolling back and forth to read each line, which isn't fun for anyone.
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