Final Draft is a popular screenwriting tool. It makes formatting screenplays very easy and quick, but they're a little unwieldy on the web. The app does support exporting to HTML, but it does so using 'preformatted' text, meaning line breaks and spacing are hard-coded.

For example, a character name might be centered using four tabs to indent it, rather than actually being place in the center of the screen. This means that when placed on a web page, the script never quite fits correctly. On small screens it usually means a lot of scrolling back and forth to read each line, which isn't fun for anyone.

LastDraft takes your Final Draft document and turns it into properly-formatted HTML. It embeds a style sheet that allows it to look just like the standard screenplay layout, but lets it adjust its spacing and layout to fit the screen you're viewing it on. This means it'll look great on a large screen, but it'll also fit perfectly on phone screens and smaller devices.

This means that you can put scripts, or excerpts of them, in blog posts, web pages, or even emails, and know that they'll be pleasant to read.